Detectives say apartment intruder shot by resident

A man is dead after a shooting in Orlando. 

A resident of the Metro Place Apartments said he and his roommate were staring down the barrel of a gun, but the tables were quickly turned on the suspect.  Geffrerd Etienne said, when he opened the door to his room, he saw a man pointing a gun at his roommate.

"He was trying to shoot me and pulled the gun on us ... and the bullet didn't come out," explained Etienne.

He said the suspect's gun jammed, and that's when his roommate pulled out his own weapon and began chasing the suspect out of the apartment.

"I heard four gunshots, and my roommate came back saying he is dead," Etienne said.

Detectives spent the morning combing the scene for evidence, trying to piece together what happened.

The identity of man who was shot and killed is Frashane J. Thompson.