DeSantis and Biden campaign in Orlando as Election Day approaches

Election Day is just two weeks away and the final push from both sides of the polls has begun in Central Florida.

On Tuesday, historic Church Street Station was packed with people backing the big Democratic races here in Florida. Former Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance to show his support. Biden praised the work Senator Bill Nelson and Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy have been doing in Washington.

The Former Vice President also said that this mid-term election, voters have the power to take away the abuse of power and vote for character, putting in a huge endorsement for Senator Nelson.

Florida Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ron DeSantis was also on the campaign trail in Orlando on Tuesday, but there was a bit of a bumpy start for him as his planned campaign event unraveled at the last minute. 

Dozens of invited guests who showed up for the event were asked to leave the room as it was supposed to start. DeSantis was supposed to address a large group of pastors in the auditorium, but suddenly, the podium was quickly removed from the stage and the media ushered out to the lobby. 

Desantis did eventually show up and did a brief meet and greet before speaking to the press. He said "it's great to be in Orlando, we had a good meeting. I guess there were a couple of buses of folks that got lost, so we're just on too tight of a schedule to have waited."

Before the press conference, a protestor drove through the parking lot, blasting a robocall. It's a new robocall circulating around that appears to use a stereotype of an African-American voice to depict Andrew Gillum. The protestor was eventually told to leave and DeSantis said his team had no part in that robocall.

DeSantis is heading to Miami on Wednesday for a Jewish Unite Rally.