Deputy turned off body camera off before alleged sexually assault: affidavit

New details have emerged following the arrest of a Seminole County sheriff's deputy, accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a traffic stop.

Investigators said Deputy Andrew Bergkvist turned off his body camera before committing the crime, telling the victim that he needed to practice doing pat-downs. The victim said she felt intimidated and agreed, and that's when the sexual assault occurred.

Investigators are now searching for video that might have been picked up by a Seminole County school bus that was passing by at the time.

Defense attorney Whitney Boan said a deputy should have their body camera on during any traffic stop. However, she added that turning it off just takes the flip of a switch.

"He’s presumed innocent like anyone else charged with a crime, certainly if I was a prosecutor handling this case against him, I would make a strong argument that the fact that he turned the camera off again allegedly shows a strong consciousness of guilt," she said.