Deputy nearly hit by suspected drunk driver

Investigators say a Seminole County deputy was nearly hit by a drunk driver early Saturday morning in Oviedo.
The extremely close call was caught on camera. It shows the moment that could have been life or death for Deputy Molly Smith.

“Deputy Smith noticed out of the corner of her eye a car approaching them at a high rate of speed and approaching into their lane of traffic. She quickly pushed herself against the vehicle and narrowly missed getting struck,” said Kim Cannaday, a spokesperson for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators say it happened early Saturday morning while Deputy Smith was helping a man whose car was parked in the center lane of Red Bug Lake Road.

Troopers say the driver who almost hit her, 25-year-old Logan Fielder, was drunk. They say his BAC was almost twice the legal limit and he was arrested right after the accident.

The Sheriff’s Office says Smith is grateful her training kicked in and that she’s okay.

“She didn’t even panic, it was just afterwards when she was reflecting on it she realized how lucky she was,” said Cannaday.

Fielder says he’s also thankful no one was hurt. He declined an on camera interview but spoke with FOX 35 over the phone.

He says this was his first arrest, he regrets getting behind the wheel and he doesn’t even remember the crash.

“Our message here is never drink and drive,” Cannaday said. “It’s extremely dangerous and there are options out there for you.”