Deputies say man loses money in lottery scheme

Volusia County deputies are investigating a case of fraud estimated at $25,000.

Investigators said Paul Davis told them he received a call saying he had won a sweepstakes drawing, but he had to pay fees on the $32 million prize.

"They kept adding up fees, and having me send money to their auditors," Davis said.

Deputies have been investigating the case over the course of a year-and-a-half, but the latest blow is what cleared Davis out.

"They did it by depositing an insufficient check into my account," Davis explained.

Davis said he was sending hundreds monthly, until August, when he was told his final payment on the fees was $4,500.  Davis said he didn't have the money, so a person from the company told him he would pay the $4,500 up front by depositing a check into Davis' account. 

"He was doing it to help me, to get my money, and then when I got my money, I would reimburse him," he said.

Davis said he saw the money in his account and was instructed to pay two different people through a wire transfer, but once he did, he said the $4,500 deposit disappeared and then he received a call from the bank.

"He calls me and told me the check had not cleared, and they were going to charge me $4,500, plus overdraft fees."

Davis receives $1,300 a month from Social Security, but he now says that money is gone.

"I have nothing. I don't have money for my rent."