Deputies: Inmate offered food, $2K for hitman to kill ex-wife, her boyfriend

Investigators in Florida say an inmate was attempting to coordinate the murder of his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, while behind bars.

Corrections officers at the Lake County Jail say they discovered a "hit list" while searching a cell belonging to Michael Lee, 32, of Leesburg.  They say Lee offered to hire another inmate to kill his ex and the boyfriend, upon that inmate's release.  The payout for the alleged murder-for-hire plot was to include $2,000 and 20 food trays to complete the hit.

"Food is currency there. They use it to gamble and purchase other things," said Sgt. Fred Jones with the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

That inmate told deputies that he never had any intention of going through with the hit.

"He said 'I was using the guy. I took the trays.' He did say, 'He was going to pay me $2,000 once the hit was complete,' but he said 'I had no intention on following through with this,'"  Sgt. Jones added.

Deputies say Lee was in jail, accused of stalking and making threats towards his ex-wife. He was scheduled to be released next week, but he now faces a new charge of criminal solicitation for murder.

"It shows you the seriousness of domestic violence," Jones said. "You have someone like Mr. Lee here in jail, and he was focused on revenge."  

Lee remains in custody without bond.