Deputies help save man looking to jump off bridge, video shows

Two Orange County deputies helped save a man who was looking to jump off a bridge.

The incident occurred on November 8. Two Orange County Sheriff deputies found the man on State Road 408 in Orlando.

The deputies said that it looked like the man was going to jump off a bridge.

"Hey man, look, come here. Look, my name is Danny, bro. I'm your friend. I'm not here to take you to jail. I'm here to help you, man," one deputy said. They both continued to plead for the man to talk to them and come down.

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"Don't jump, bud. It's not worth it," one deputy said. 

They added that "Trust me, man. There's a lot to life than what you think. There's more to it than what you know, man. Take it from me."

The suicidal man in the video is heard telling the deputies that "I'm drugged up, bro."

The deputies acknowledge and assure him that they can help.

"We'll help you, there's no problem."

The Sheriff's Office said that the deputies continued to negotiate with the man, who then asked if they had Narcan on them.

"Narcan? Dude I got Narcan right here, look. I got Narcan," one deputy said.

The man finally agreed to come down and was taken to a mental health facility.