Deputies: Georgia couple refused to self-quarantine after positive coronavirus test

Georgia deputies say a man who refused to self-quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus has now been hospitalized.

According to the Haralson County Sheriff's office, the unidentified man in the area of Tallapoosa, Georgia was told to stay inside, but refused and went out into the public "endangering citizens."

Deputies say after the positive test, the man's girlfriend refused to be tested and also went out into the public.

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The woman even refused to comply to an order signed by a judge telling her to stay quarantined.

Previously, the man had been hospitalized for the virus. Officials say his girlfriend is now hospitalized for non-COVID-19 reasons. 

“It is vital that citizens who are diagnosed with or are exposed to this virus do the right thing and self quarantine”, Harlson Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy McSwain wrote on Facebook. “If you go out you could infect others who have to be out working. We must protect our citizens.”

Remember that if you who violate the Gov. Kemp's shelter-in-place order, you are committing a misdemeanor, which is a crime in the state of Georgia.