Deputies concerned about more victims after man arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap boy in Orlando

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is concerned that there could be more children who may have interacted with a man who allegedly tried to kidnap a kid on Monday in Orlando who was on his way to school.

Vinh Nguyen, 37, was arrested Tuesday and booked into jail on charges of luring/enticing a child, false imprisonment, and battery. He said nothing has deputies brought him to jail, according to video the Orange County Sheriff's Office shared on Tuesday.

During Monday's incident, Nguyen is accused of walking up to the boy, asking him if he wanted a ride to school, and then proceeded to touch his shoulders, pinch his cheeks, and called him "cute," according to the arrest affidavit. The boy was able to get away, make it to school, and tell school officials, the report stated. 

There is concern that this may have happened before.

A parent reportedly contacted deputies and said Nguyen approached a 13-year-old last year and offered to give that child a ride to school. Deputies were able to identify Nguyen from a community tip, OCSO said.

Azalea Park Elementary School is near where the incident happened and send out a message to parents.

"Attention Azalea Park Parents, this is Principal Karen Verano calling with an important safety message.  We were notified one of our students was approached by a stranger in a white SUV while walking to school this morning.  The student is safe and reported the incident to school administration," Principal Karen Verano said in the recorded message.

She urged parents to talk to their children about stranger danger and reminded them that if students walk to school, they should walk in pairs.

In an interview with deputies, Nguyen reportedly admitted to seeing the boy walking to school 5-6 times and said he reminded him of his little brother who reportedly died, according to the affidavit.

He reportedly admitted to talking to the and to offering him a ride to school. He also admitted to being the person in the surveillance video when shown the video by deputies, the report stated.

The man also told deputies repeatedly, according to the report, that he did not understand why what he did was wrong. When asked what he would have done if the boy agreed to get into his car, the man reportedly said he would have taken the kid to school.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Orange County Sheriff's Office or Crimeline.