Democrat Michael Bloomberg supports making Puerto Rico 51st state

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says he supports statehood for Puerto Rico and will work to pass a bill to make it a reality.

In a guest column in the Orlando Sentinel, Bloomberg writes that he has a robust economic and rebuilding plan to make Puerto Rico the 51st state.  

“Until Puerto Rico becomes a state, it will continue to lack the tools and resources needed to build a stronger economy and recover from disasters – and Congress will continue sending just enough money to put Band-Aids on problems, without actually fixing them,” Bloomberg said. 

Anthony Suarez, an activist and local attorney with ties to Puerto Rico said he supports statehood, but not until there is overwhelming support.

“I do agree and support the position of Marco Rubio has taken that this is not a mere majority vote – this has to be a supermajority vote,” Suarez said.  

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For the past year, Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and economy has suffered from Hurricane Maria and most recently earthquakes and tremors. The devastation resulting in airplanes packed with people from the island territory to Florida. 

Bloomberg said he has a plan “that will deal with the island’s debt crisis, alleviate the devastating spending cuts, overhaul the disaster recovery process and put Puerto Rico on the path to growth and stability.”

Suarez said Puerto Rico has been part of the American fabric for over 120 years and it’s time to find a solution for fellow Americans.  

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“It is very difficult for them to prosper and go forward to improve the economy when they have no ability to move the needle,” Suarez said. 

This is why Bloomberg said he plans to take action now by opening an office in San Juan to build a ground operation.

“He’s making a statement to Florida Puerto Ricans – vote for me and I will get your statehood,” Suarez said.  

It’s a campaign promise targeting the swing votes in Florida.

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