Deltona mom who was shot talks to FOX 35

Victoria Rosado filed for a divorce on Tuesday.  She says she is still in fear of her husband, who remains in jail facing attempted first-degree murder charges.

In body camera video given to FOX 35, you see a Volusia County Deputy pulling Victoria Rosado to safety. Deputies say she was shot in the hip by her husband Emmanuel Rosado.

"We were just arguing a lot and it was just getting to both of us," she says. 

She called 911.   After hanging up the phone, Victoria says Emmanuel threw her to the ground and shot her in the hip. When he left the room she made a run for it out this window as bullets flew by her head.  Her three children, led by the oldest, her seven-year-old daughter, hid in the closet of the bedroom where Victoria was shot.

"I always told her if anything happens, you go in the closet or the bathroom and shut the door," Victoria says.

The children were not hurt.  

Emmanuel fired shots through the house toward deputies, but eventually turned himself in. He cried during his first appearance in front of a judge.

Victoria says Emmanuel had been acting odd lately, quitting his job and was getting aggressive. She says their relationship was always a bit rocky, and she wishes she had have left him sooner.  She has advice to others in violent relationships.

"If you’re in a relationship that’s abusive, you need to get out as soon as possible. Because mine escalated very fast to this and it’s not worth it at all."

Victoria has nerve damage to her left leg and wears a boot. She is a stay at home mom who’s friends are now trying to raise money for her to get a new place to live.