Deltona mom accused of beating teen

Chris Anderson gets teary-eyed when he talks about what he witnessed last week on a sidewalk on Courtland Boulevard in Deltona. He said he saw two girls beating up a 13-year-old boy.

Deputies say the two girls left, then returned with their mother, Shawnte Jones, and two of their sisters.  That's when investigators say it was the mother who took the lead.

Anderson said, "She just went like this, 'pow' right into his face, left jaw, then he looked up and she came with left hand punched him.  Then the girls came; they kicked him.  He went down like this."

He says the boy had bruises all over his face, the earrings in his ears were knocked out, and he had to go to the hospital.

According to the boy's grandmother, who did not want to be named in this story, this all started when the boy was trying to bike past Jones' two middle-school-age daughters on the sidewalk. She can't believe it came to this.

"As an adult, you can't act on rage. She shouldn't have done it," the grandmother said,  "so I'm sorry for whatever is gonna happen to he,r but she caused it herself."

Jones was in court on Wednesday and a judge denied bond.

The boy's family tells us the boy is doing ok. His grandmother is thankful for Anderson and a handful of other adults who stepped in to help.