Delivery driver steals package he delivered off of porch

An Amazon order has been swiped from a local doorstep and this time, it was the delivery driver making the getaway. 

The video begins normally and innocently enough, as a family's security camera is rolling at a house in Alabama. A delivery driver approaches the home and places a package down. Then, he snaps a smartphone photo of the package sitting right where it was supposed to be delivered.

The delivery person then grabs the package, goes back to their car, and leaves with the package in hand. A photo seemingly proving that it was delivered. 

Fox 35 reached out to Amazon and said in an email statement that "this does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we have reached out to the customer to make things right."

Security experts say that there is a pretty simple way you can monitor what happens with those packages on your front porch. For example, a connected doorbell cna record video and audio of everything that happens at your front door. 

Zach Hudson is a security expert and former cop. He says that your best defense against something like this happening to you is some sort of camera. He says "you want evidence that the package was delivered or you want evidence of who took that package, so that you might recover it." 

Hudson also recommends that you talk to your neighbors. "Nobody talks to their neighbors anymore. Talk to your neighbors. Develop those relationships so that they can look out for you and you can look out for them," he says.

Always keep your eye out so your next package doesn't get taken for a ride to someone else's home.