Delegates from Central Florida look ahead to Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention is coming to Jacksonville, but a lawsuit hopes to stop it.

Ralph Smith, who lives in Lake County, is one of Florida's 122 Republican delegates. He plans to be on the floor of the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, whatever that looks like come August.

"We’re going to do what is the practical thing to do at the time. This thing is a moving target. Every week there’s something different, some new information," said Smith. "It’s about celebrating what this guy’s done the last four years."

However, the convention is facing controversy as coronavirus cases rise in Florida. Some Republican senators have announced they are not coming. Hundreds of Florida doctors sent a letter to Jacksonville's leaders, calling a full-capacity convention "medically disrespectful."   Now, several Jacksonville business owners are now suing the city and President Donald Trump's campaign in an effort to stop the convention from happening there. 

There are also reports that convention officials are considering moving the event outdoors to a nearby football or baseball stadium.

"That would be fine with me as long as it’s not raining. I'm a native Floridian so I do not mind the heat," said Smith.

Even President Trump this week acknowledged things may have to change.

"It really depends on the timing. Look, we’re very flexible. We could do a lot of things. We’re very flexible," said the president in an interview earlier this week.

Ralph Smith says he's flexible too, but he also says at 63 years old, he's healthy and has no fear about attending.

"It is a concern and it should be for people with health issues and older people and I’m sort of on that borderline but this is America. We take chances. We take risks."