DeLand student slammed another into concrete during fight, police say

A DeLand High School student has been arrested after police say he threw another student onto the concrete during a fight, leaving the victim with serious injuries.

Charles Jordan, 17, is charged with Felony Aggravated Battery and Disruption/Interference with School Functions. 

According to police, a fight broke out among 7 students on Wednesday. 

"Two students involved walked away from the scene following the initial fight," police said. "Charles Jordan then picked up and threw the other student to the concrete. The victim landed on the concrete directly on his head and neck area."

The victim was taken to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando with serious injuries. 

Both fights were reportedly caught on camera and have been forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office.  All 7 of the involved students are being charged with Disruption/Interference with School Functions which is a misdemeanor.

"The DeLand Police Department does not condone this type of behavior and will investigate and prosecute those who engage in this type of behavior to the highest extent."