Dead body found in a lake near a farmer's market

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A terrifying discovery was made Sunday morning after a body was found floating in Maitland's popular Lake Lily, and during a busy farmers market.

"Wow! Oh my goodness," said Rebecca, who comes to the park. "Really horrible."

A body was found floating in the water.

Kelly Smith, who also comes to the park said "That's not good."

People evacuated the park and the farmers market was shut down as police moved in.

According to police, a vendor smelled something terrible near her tent, walked closer to the water, and saw the body floating.

Fox 35's David Williams asked police if the body is that of a male or female.

Lieutenant Louis Grindle, of the Maitland Police Department said "We're unable to determine at this time. It appears to be an adult, caucasian race."

Maitland Police called in a special response team to help with the body.

In the meantime, the mystery deepens as police search for clues.

Lt. Grindle said they still need "to determine possibly how long it has been in the water and if there has been any foul play, anything like that."

"It's horrible! Especially in Maitland!" Rebecca said "I consider Maitland to be a really quiet, sleepy town"

It's the same park where Rebecca's getting married soon. She came to check on the area Sunday and saw crime scene investigators instead.

Rebecca said "I'm very upset about it!"

Not what Sunday morning walkers and shoppers expect to see at lake Lilly.