DC woman wins thousands at MGM, and loses it all over casino typo

After a mix-up at MGM National Harbor, one jackpot winner had to leave without her cash.

Cynthia Obie won thousands on a slot machine at the Prince George’s County casino – but when the casino took down her Social Security number incorrectly, she lost it all.

Obie’s excitement built when she saw the symbols lining up on the slot machine she was playing. When she realized the jackpot was imminent, Obie was ecstatic. 

“I was very excited. Like I need this money,” she said.

Right after the holidays, several thousand dollars would come in handy.

Obie didn’t want to disclose the exact amount – but it happened this past Friday during a night out at the casino with a friend.

She’s been to a number of casinos and she’s always hoping but never expecting a big win.

Following regulations, before handing her the cash, MGM staff took her ID and personal information.

But they misread her Social Security number by one digit.

The person whose number they plugged into the database apparently owed the state of Maryland a lot of child support, and Obie’s winnings were immediately confiscated.

“I’m like no all of my daughters are grown I’ve never paid child support. I’m like this can’t be right,” she said.

By the time they realized the Social Security number error, it was too late. MGM says it’s now out of their hands, citing Maryland law.

A spokesman told FOX 5 that it’s up to Obie to follow up with the Gaming Control Agency.

So instead of her winnings, Obie left that night with a letter instructing her to sort it out with Maryland’s Human Services agency, which handles child support.

She took time off work and spent more than an hour at their office this week, but left without any answers.

“Frustrated, but now I’m at the point, this is insane. You guys are a billion dollar corporation, you do the research. I won fair and square. I just want my money,” Obie said.

MGM offered FOX 5 the following statement: 

The casino did give her $200 in free play, and a couple of drink vouchers that night, but Obie maintains that she wants her winnings.