Daytona Beach Trucktoberfest: Residents should expect traffic congestion, doubled fines

The trucks are coming! 

Daytona Beach's unsanctioned Trucktoberfest is slated to begin this Friday and over the weekend, but officials warn residents of heavy traffic congestion during the weekend-long event with the addition of hefty fines. 

Daytona Beach police said residents should expect traffic congestion on the beachside, mainly North and South Atlantic Avenue and the bridges over the Intracoastal Waterway. 

Police also advised that International Speedway Boulevard, Nova Road, and U.S. Highway 1 can potentially face impacts. 

All bridges will remain open throughout the weekend, but if bridges become backed up, Daytona Beach police said they recommend residents use the Main Street Bridge. 

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has designated a special event zone where fines can be doubled for lawbreakers. 

Effective in 2022, Florida law authorizes the sheriff or chief administrative officer of a county or municipality to designate an area as a special event zone in response to a special event, defined as an un-permitted activity or event organized or promoted via a social media platform which is attended by 50 or more persons and substantially increases or disrupts the normal flow of traffic on a roadway, street, or highway.

Law enforcement can double fines and impound a vehicle for up to 72 hours for any noncriminal traffic infraction or criminal traffic violation that occurs in a special event zone.

The special event zone stretches from the northern tip of Bellair Plaza in Daytona Beach south to Daytona Beach Shores. Signs are posted indicating the boundaries of the zone with warnings that vehicles will be towed for infractions and violations.