Daytona Beach Police crack down on street parties, making arrests and shuting down streets

Barricades are going up in Daytona Beach after crowd chaos blocked A1A last weekend.

Daytona Beach Police have been busy canceling parties and arresting several men involved in last week's large gathering. Roads are blocked and officers are in full force, keeping any kind of street party from happening on Mary Mcleod Bethune Boulevard.

"The promoter tried to do an unauthorized promotion here today where he was going to try to shoot some type of music video which he didn’t have permits for, so we’re not going to let him do that," said Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri.

Especially after crowds came out last weekend, passing out money and partying in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That's why Daytona Beach Police shut down the party planned at a car wash Friday and took it one step further, by arresting four men. Included in the group are Matthew Humphrey, the one police say is passing out the money in the video from last week's party, and Steven Johnson, a rap artist who was supposed to perform at Friday's event.

"He’s not going to be able to perform tonight because he’s on his way to jail," said Chief Capri.

Chief Capri says the guys are part of a rap group called FTD, or From the Dirt.

Some are charged with disorderly conduct from last weekend's party.  All of them have prior charges, and on Friday night, some caused more trouble, authorities said.

"Also tonight he tried to run one of our police officers over with his car and he hit one of our police cars.  He’s facing a slew of charges tonight," said Chief Capri. 

Daytona Beach Police are making one thing clear.

"It’s not the time to be doing these types of events. I understand people are real anxious. Just give it a little more time. This COVID-19 is a silent killer," Capri added.

Police and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office also announced Friday they have canceled another big party that was scheduled for next Saturday, June 6.