Daytona Beach mom accused of DUI with toddler in car

Authorities say a Volusia County mother was arrested, accused of driving while intoxicated, with children inside the car. 

Officers on Thursday responded to a crash in Daytona Beach, at the corner of M.L.K. Blvd. and Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune Drive.  

Police say Kimberly Joyce was driving drunk with her 3-year-old in the car.  Witnesses say she swerved into oncoming traffic when she turned a corner. 

"If she didn't hit that car, she would have ran into that building," said witness Joann Hogg.  "When she turned the car she just went so fast and when she turned she rammed right into the SUV. "

Joyce's 3-year-old son was hurt.  Several people in the area ran to help them and call for help. When police showed up, they say Joyce was yelling racial slurs at the people trying to help her.

Police arrested Joyce for disturbing the peace and took her to the police department to conduct a sobriety test which she refused.  Police say Joyce told them she has a drinking problem.

In court on Friday, a judge mentioned Joyce's prior DUI arrest and gave her $9,000 bond.