Daytona Beach community mourns loss of fallen Officer Jason Raynor

It was a somber day in Daytona Beach as hundreds of people paid their respects to fallen Officer Jason Raynor.

"It makes me feel really sad," 10-year-old Daytona Beach resident Rey Ballare said.

"I really think it’s great of the Daytona community to pull together in support of his family," Matthew Bolduc said.

FOX 35 wasn’t allowed inside the News-Journal Center for the viewing, but a Daytona Beach Police Department spokesman tells us Raynor’s casket was draped in an American flag with two honor guards standing next to it.

"It means a lot because that shows that a lot of people care about him, too. And that is a really good thing," Bellare said.

Raynor was shot in the head in June while responding to a call. He died Tuesday.

"It’s absolutely awful. It’s horrible. I think it really goes to show what these police officers put on the line every single day," Bolduc said.

Raynor’s funeral is Monday.