Dangerous rip currents at Florida beaches: Here's how to escape if you get caught in one

Officials want you to be on high alert if you plan to head out to Central Florida's beaches this weekend.

The high rip current risk continues all along the coastline. Surf is in the 4-6' range as east-northeast swell comes into the beaches. The rip currents are expected to be even stronger this weekend than they have been this week. 

So what do you do if you get caught in one? FOX 35 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Jayme King explains how to escape a rip current in the video below: 

Officials in Brevard County are telling people to not go in the water, especially if you aren’t an experienced swimmer, or at least be near a lifeguard tower. A 17-year-old girl visiting from New York was recently killed at Cocoa Beach after getting caught in the powerful waves.  

Danielle Marceline was a senior in high school, a volleyball player and loved to dance. Her mom says the family is taking the grieving process one  day at a time.

Two other families also feeling the same kind of grief after a 50-year-old man, and a 56-year-old woman drowned in the ocean this week in Brevard County.