Dad of man shot by police at ORMC speaks

The father of a man who was shot and killed by police inside Orlando Regional Medical Center on Monday wants to know why authorities did not restrain his son in a different manner, especially since he never had a gun.

The father of Brian Baker, the man who threatened to shoot people in the emergency room at the hospital, explained why his son went to ORMC in the first place. 

"He claimed he was having chest pain and anxiety attacks," said Darren Baker. "He sat there for an hour and said he started getting agitated and told them he has a gun on him and shoot the first one that comes around him."

"There were patients close by that needed care from the hospital, so a decision was made to approach the suspect," said Orlando Police Chief John Mina. "He made movements consist with moving, pulling for a firearm and he was shot and killed by three officers here."  

Darren admitted his son had problems.

"He had some mental issues.  He did have a drug problem, we were trying to bring him home to get him help."

Darren said he was the one to buy the ticket back home to Kentucky, but Brian never made it back. He wants answers from police.

"Why did they have to kill him? Why couldn't they have tazed him or put him in jail and gotten help?" he asked.  "They're trained better than that. He was having mental problems. What if I don't want to tell them what's in my pocket? They're there to protect and serve, not shoot and kill. It broke my heart.  He's my oldest son."

He said he plans to bring Brian back home to Kentucky so he can bury him.