Cupid’s arrow strikes at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium resulting in baby boom

Love is in the air, or rather the water, at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium and it's just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The attraction on Orlando's International Drive is celebrating the arrival of axolotls and potbelly seahorse babies. Aquarists for the family-friendly aquarium say their hearts are full, and so are the tanks, ahead of the most romantic day of the year.

Axolotls naturally breed about once or twice a year. While seahorses can breed continuously throughout the year under the right conditions. In fact, it’s a sign they are feeling comfortable. When axolotls lay eggs, SEA LIFE Orlando’s dedicated aquarists pull them to a nursery system so they can hatch and grow.

Seahorses are unique because the female lays her eggs in the pouch of the male seahorse. He holds the eggs until they hatch, then releases them into the habitat. The new arrivals are then gently relocated to a nursery system. Potbelly seahorses are born looking exactly like their parents while axolotls arrive with characteristics of a tadpole.

Florida Residents are invited to swim through SEA LIFE and then strut their stuff at Madame Tussauds Orlando for a star-studded date night that’s sure to land on their A-List this Valentine’s Day weekend.

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Information and video provided by SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

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