'I'll never give up riding': Crowds turn out for Daytona Beach Bike Week

The roar of engines on Main Street meant Bike Week had returned to Daytona Beach. Visitors from far and near were showing up for the fun, like John Borner, from Deltona. "I've been riding for 65 years, I'm 79 years old," he said, "and I bought myself a new Harley for my birthday, in November."

Borner said he couldn’t imagine a year without a Bike Week. "It's just enjoyable to walk around, see the people, look at the motorcycles, you know? Like I said, I'll never give up riding."

Every Bike Week, about half-a-million people show up in Daytona Beach for motorcycle races, concerts, bike shows, and more. Along with the excitement the bikers said they came there for, Bike Week also brings big business to Daytona Beach.

"This trip, I'd probably be looking at around $2,500," said George Lowrimore, visiting from Myrtle Beach.

"Probably $5,000 or $6,000 dollars," said Peter Scotland, visiting from Ontario.

Bobby Honeycutt owns Froggy's Saloon on Main Street. He said Bike Week brings a big boost to his business. "It's our shot in the arm, we take this money, reinvest it back into the business. It helps carry us throughout the slow months."

Honeycutt brings on nearly a hundred extra workers to handle the bike week crowds. "Without that, Daytona couldn't grow the way it's growing," he said, "this extra money fed into the hotels and so forth, feeds our economy. So if you don't allow that to happen, we're gonna flounder and fade away."

Bike Week runs through March 10. Seth Cleek, who works at American Iron Outfitters, said they appreciated the crowds that turn out for the event. "We love them man, we need them. We thrive on those kind of people."