CPAC gets underway in Orlando, with COVID-19 safety rules

Everyone FOX 35 News has spoken to at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, has something to say about the mask mandate.

"I’m aggravated as the devil that I’m having to wear this mask," said Barbara Vaughn, CPAC attendee.

Conservatives from around the country are in Central Florida for the conference. While on the conference floor, masks are required.

"I just consider it a necessary evil," said Denisa Dellinger, CPAC attendee.

"I’ll put it on, I’ll be safe," said Jonathan Koeppel, CPAC attendee.

Hotel staff at the Hyatt Regency Orlando is policing the event to make sure the policy is followed.

"The hotel has people stationed all around, to be sure that you keep your mask on," said Vaughn.

It’s just one of the many health and safety measures in place starting before you get into the conference. Guests must pass a health questionnaire and temperature check.

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"I think they are pointless and useless," said Koeppel.

Koeppel said people could lie on the questionnaire and the thermometers could be inaccurate.

Once inside, hand sanitizer, social distancing floor markings, and signage will remind attendees of healthy practices. Seating is either spaced out or in pods of four.

"I understand that the hotel is between a rock and a hard place, CPAC is too, we have to play by the rules, while we’re here," said Vaughn.

Some guests understand the rules.

"I totally understand the measures were necessary because it is a serious issue," said Stephen Robinson, CPAC attendee.

But what about concerns of the conference being a super spreader event?

"I think that’s ridiculous and I think we’ll prove that," said Vaughn.

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