Coyote attacks, kills pet dog in Winter Garden

A Winter Garden woman is warning others about a coyote in the neighborhood, after she says her pet was killed by one.

"He was my service dog, he was my companion. He went everywhere with me."

Melissa Ann says six-year-old Toby was snatched out of their backyard at 4:30 this morning.

"They finally came across what was left of Toby's body and realizing it was a coyote that snatched him."

Bob Ellis spotted the coyote in this wooded area off Oakland Avenue and Tildenville School Road, where Tody was found.

"This coyote came out of the woods within 30 yards of me and was like cleaning off his head. This was a healthy looking coyote about the size of a police dog, German Shepherd."

Melissa says several other coyotes have been seen in Winter Garden.

"I'm concerned for all the residents in Orange County that there are coyotes here."

Melissa's mother Sheri agrees.

"If the animal becomes disinterested in the human to the point where they're not scared, then that scares me."

They plan to report Toby's death to FWC. Meanwhile Melissa's warning other's to keep their pets inside at night.

"If this could help save someone else's dog and won't have to go through what we're going through, then this is absolutely worth it."

If you see a coyote, wildlife officers recommend making lots of noise to scare them off.