Court Documents: Capitol riot suspect from Brevard County was looking for Speaker Pelosi

A Florida man accused of participating in the Capitol Hill riot will remain behind bars.

New court documents allege that Kenneth Harrelson, of Titusville, was in the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 and searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Harrelson has been locked up in Seminole County since March, and this is where he will stay for the time being, despite a recent request from his attorneys.

In the back-and-forth of court documents, FOX 35 News uncovered a lot of new details about the case against Harrelson and his alleged involvement in the attack.

Harrelson’s attorneys wouldn’t speak to FOX 35 News after a recent hearing. But last week they filed paperwork asking a judge to consider Harrelson be released from jail, arguing, "The government has produced no evidence that he damaged any property or that he committed any act of violence."

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This week, the judge denied that request, calling Harrelson too dangerous.

Prosecutors argued Harrelson was a leader for the Oath Keepers with access to high-powered firearms. An 87-page court document from prosecutors includes photos of Harrelson rolling at least one rifle case around a Comfort Inn outside Washington, D.C. after the riot.

The document also details his alleged behavior on Jan. 6, including messages exchanged with other members of the Oath Keepers looking for Speaker Pelosi. According to investigators, a text with one of Harrelson’s alleged co-conspirators, Kelly Meggs of Marion County, stated they were "hoping to see Nancy’s head rolling down the front steps."

According to court documents, Harrelson also deleted messages and lied at a hearing. All that was enough for a judge to keep him locked up without bond.

Lawyers for Harrelson claim he wasn’t getting proper medical care for his blood pressure at the Seminole County Jail. The judge ordered the jail to take whatever steps are medically necessary to monitor and treat him.

Harrelson remains locked up, charged with conspiracy and aiding and abetting the destruction of property.

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