Could we see Mary J. Blige in the next superhero movie?

Mary J. Blige may have been your hero during heartbreak, but now she wants to be your on-screen superhero!

Mary was at the Oscars this past weekend celebrating her nominations for “Best Supporting Actress” and “Best Original Song” in Mudbound. She was looking gorgeous on the red carpet and caught up with E! News on the best moment of the night.

“The best moment was just seeing people you’ve never seen before and seeing people you wanted to meet. I saw some of the cast from Black Panther, which made me really excited…It was an honor to let them know…to let Chadwick know and Lupita know just how amazing that film is and what it means to us.”

After this, she was asked if she could see herself starring in a Marvel movie like Black Panther to which she said,  “I hope so!”

What kind of super-hero do you see Mary as?