Could coronavirus impact central Florida tourism?

Could the Coronavirus keep people from visiting Central Florida?

Thousands of people were held on cruise ship in an Italian port Thursday. Officials say a guest from China came down with flu like symptoms. A massive screening taking place on board before passengers were given the all clear.

“Ultimately, the cruise lines are going to take an abundance of caution anytime there’s an event like this,” said John Morrison of Travel Planners International.

We too have cruises that attract people from all over and theme parks where you’re often in close quarters with other guests.

When asked about coronavirus precautions, Visit Orlando sent a statement saying in part: "The central Florida region has had no additional measures recommended at this time from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the Florida Department of Health regarding the coronavirus…”

“Ultimately, there’s not been any interaction for the local parks or local cruise operations because there just hasn’t been any indication that there’s been anyone exposed who brought that pathogen here,” Morrison said.

Morrison says if a case emerges in Florida, that could be a game changer.

International visitors on I-drive tell us they’re aware of the virus but they’re not changing any plans yet.

“It is a bit of concern,” Dave Searles, who’s visiting Orlando from the UK said.

“This is a disease and we have to work with (it). We have to travel with and we have to be careful,” said Pierre-Henry Fiard, a tourist from France.

To stay healthy, Visit Orlando says travelers should wash their hands, stay up to date on vaccines and avoid contact with people who are sick.