Coronavirus creating thousands of jobs in Florida

Not every industry is being shut down by the coronavirus, some are thriving and hiring.

So-called “corona-closures” have left many out of work.

Bars, restaurants and attractions are shuttered, but other industries are seeing a jump in business.

Pizza shops, grocery stores and online retailers are hiring staff to meet the growing demand brought on by coronavirus.

“I think it’s great that they’re offering up employment,” said Casey Field, Orlando resident.

Pizza hut, Dominos and Publix are now hiring all positions.

Amazon is also looking to fill thousands of jobs.

“Stores like Publix and even amazon coming out with new job opportunities, like 'thank you, thank you for continuing to innovate and create and build opportunity,'” Field said.

“That’s good that people are working and can still work,” said Jimmy Watts, Orlando resident.

Watts is still working, but says if his employer closed up shop, he’d take a temporary job.

“I would do anything to keep working, keep busy, you still got bills coming,” Watts said. 

The outbreak has left Kyle Jacobus without work or a paycheck.

“I’m an equipment operator and I’m a private escort pilot driver, so they’re just not shipping loads like they were,” Jacobus said.

He’s considering applying for a grocery store job.

“I’d be more than happy to work for Publix,” Jacobus said.

Casey Field recently picked up a second job for extra income.

“I picked up bar shifts at a coffee bar,” Field said.

Pizza Hut is hiring 1,600 people in Florida. 

Amazon is filling 4,700 positions.

“I think it’s great they’re offering opportunities to people out of work,” Jacobus said.

Lowe’s Home Improvement, Dollar General and CVS Pharmacy are also hiring locally.

Some of the positions are temporary, but many are permanent.