Cops save hungry, wet, cold dog from outside abandoned home

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On a cold, snowy, and wet day on Long Island, two fast-acting and resourceful cops came to the aid of a dog left outside an abandoned house in the winter storm on Tuesday morning.

The officers found the dog tied to the porch of a house on Warren Street. The cops said she appeared wet and terrified and was hiding under a bush.

They created a makeshift leash out of some rope they found nearby. Then they took a blanket and slowly approached the dog, who let them pick her up and bring her their police vehicle.

Then officers gave the pooch, who appeared malnourished, fresh water. They then drove to McDonald's to buy her some burgers.

"After eating a few hamburgers, the dog started feeling better and her tail even began to wag," the Nassau County Police Department said.

The officers brought the dog to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter where she was dubbed "Warren," after the street where she was found.

Warren will be put up for adoption.