Convicted road-rager killed in apparent road-rage shooting

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A driver with a history of road rage violence was shot and killed this morning in what deputies say was an apparent road rage altercation.

The exchange happened on Dr. MLK Jr. Boulevard at Forbes Road in the Plant City area around 6:30 a.m.

Investigators said that two drivers, 40-year-old Gary Durham and 42-year-old Robert Padgett, were involved in a confrontation. According to deputies, Padgett pulled out a gun and fatally shot Durham.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Padgett was performing CPR on Durham, who was lying on the side of the road. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

FOX 13 has learned that Durham had been convicted of manslaughter in the early 2000s in connection with another road rage incident. In that case, Durham punched another driver who fell, suffered a head injury, and died.

WATCH: Man shot in apparent road rage incident convicted in road rage shooting death in early 2000s

The sheriff's office has not said what exactly led up to shots being fired Wednesday morning.  They are still reviewing the 911 call from the scene and say Padgett -- whom they described as cooperative -- was released pending review of the case by the State's Attorney's Office.

A sign on the door of Durham's home made it clear that no one there was interested in appearing on camera.

"Shame on you for coming here! No comment," it said.  "Go away."