Controversy over proposed road in South Lake County

Lake County is considering building the County Road 455 expansion, connecting South Lake to Clermont.

The road could run from Schofield Road to Hartwood Marsh Road, through a rural area and marsh land. Nearby residents are concerned the road would bring more traffic through their quiet neighborhood.

"It's gonna turn our rural settlement into a highway cut-through," said Joe Cassidy, who feels the rural lifestyle and wildlife are being threatened. "It would just be gone, honestly, it would just completely destroy everything we have worked so hard to protect."

Lake County Commissioner Sean Parks, who represents the area, said that growing traffic and development will require some sort of transportation solution.

"There's just a lot of growth, I mean, you're in South Lake, if somebody's driving through South Lake, you live here, you know we're experiencing rapid growth," said Parks.

Now, a petition with thousands of signatures urges the county to find a different solution.

"All we're asking is to please listen to our voices, the people that live here, like literally, this effects our life," said Cassidy.

"I understand how serious this is and how stressful this has got to be and the public process is still well underway, we are very much taking their input," said Parks.

The commissioner reminds residents that the county is considering other options, and not building a road all together is one of them.  A study is underway now, and public hearings will take place before a decision comes by the end of the year.