Construction causes concern for Winter Garden eagle family

A battle is brewing over a bald eagle nest in Winter Garden.

Residents fear that nearby construction could cause the family of birds to lose their home, where they have nested for 12 years.  Now, there's a new addition to the family that raises the stakes.

"It’s kind of impossible not to get attached to these guys," says Diane Melesio.

Melesio is one of many people who have grown fond of the birds atop a tree in some green space along Plant Street.

"Plant street is being widened to connect downtown winter garden and downtown Ocoee, and it’s going right past the nest."

She’s worried about the young fowl falling as he learns to fly and being injured by the construction crew.

"We just want to make sure that the construction companies are paying attention to the fact that this is an active nest."

Melesio says she does not want to stop the progress and realizes the community needs the expansion, but she just worries about the fate of the feathered family.

"So maybe they can pick another nest that’s a little farther off the road, so everyone can be happy because I live here too. I understand it needs to be widened."

Melesio hopes over the next few weeks the baby eagle will be able to spread its wings, learn to fly, and safely leave the nest to start a life of its own.

"To have nature take its course, naturally, and not be interrupted in his own little development here. I just hope for a happy outcome, cause I think we can all co-exist."

Melesio says because the construction company has all the required permits and the birds are not hurt, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is currently staying out of the matter.

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