Concealed weapons holder fatally shot armed robber

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There was an armed robbery at a bank in Orange County.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says that the armed robbery occurred at the Wells Fargo on the 4500th block of Hoffner Avenue at 2:38 a.m. The bank and the property next door was roped off on Tuesday morning as deputies investigated.

Deputies say that a white male in his 60’s was at an ATM when he was approached by a Hispanic male in his 20’s. The Hispanic male attempted to rob the white male at gunpoint. There was an exchange of gunfire, as the white male had his weapon on him. The white male drove away and called 911. He then returned to the scene.

Deputies say that Hispanic male was taken to the hospital, but is now deceased.

The white male does have a valid Concealed Weapons permit, reports the sheriff’s office.

They was originally some confusion the incident, as deputies say they had received conflicting stories. The Hispanic male had told deputies that he was the victim of a robbery, while the white male called the sheriff’s office and told them that he robbed and had injured the suspect.