Community stunned after home riddled with bullets

A Deltona house was left riddled with bullets after a shooting Monday morning. The quiet community was stunned by the brazen attack. Deputies combed for clues, after the walls and windows of the house on Merrick Dr. were hit by bullet after bullet. 

Ray Burnell said he's lived across the street for eighteen years, but he never talked much with the folks in that house. “They keep to themselves pretty much, I think,” he said.

Burnell said otherwise, it's a quiet street. “I mean that's the only trouble I've seen around here,” he said, “I haven't seen anybody else's house have these problems.”

Deputies say while the house was hit several times, there were no injuries. Neighbors said they're shocked.

“From '93 I live in here, and I never have this problem,” said neighbor Carlton Phillips, “one time I have a little problem with this house here, but nothing like this every happen around this neighborhood, here. 

They say it's a community that looks out for each other, though, and people still feels safe.

“I mean it matters,” Burnell said, “but it's not gonna make me move.”

Deputies say it's an active investigation.