Cocoa PD takes 25 children to Walt Disney World

25 children got to go to Walt Disney World for the first time thanks to the Cocoa Police Department.

The Cocoa Police Department said that on Tuesday, some of their officers and staff took 25 children to Walt Disney World.

The kids on the bus said that this was their first time going to Walt Disney World. The kids selected to go on the trip were selected through by their school's principals and teachers.

 "These kids are not your best kids that did everything in school, but they're not the worst kids that struggled and are always getting the attention of the teachers. These kids are right in the middle of the road and we identified them."

The purpose of the trip, according to the Cocoa Police Department, is to make the children feel special and let them know that they are proud of their good behavior and accomplishments.

"We want to continue to pick them up and tell them 'hey, you're doing the right thing and we want to recognize you and keep you engaged in what you're doing. You're doing the right thing and we're proud of you."

They said that the trip was sponsored by Walt Disney World and Cocoa Police Department's non-profit Cocoa Community First, Inc. 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.