Clermont police officers union president arrested, accused of stealing money

A former Clermont police officer is in trouble, accused of stealing from the police officers union.

"He was a bad apple and he got caught for what he did." 

As president of the Clermont Police Officers Union, Jeremy Kevitt, 50, managed the money.

But instead, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said he stole nearly $50,000 in donations.

We talked to FDLE Special Agent Alphonso Williams.

"We believe Cpl. Kevitt stole $47,000 over a span of six years from the police union account," Williams said. 

Investigators say he used the money to pay personal expenses at the grocery store, gas station, home improvement work and personal travel. 

"He was a corporal in a leadership position with the police department," Williams said.

We reached out to the union and the police chief but haven’t heard back. 

Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway released this statement: 

"Police officers are held to a higher standard, and while employed with the Clermont Police Department, Jeremy Kevitt violated the oath of office he swore to uphold and the trust that was placed in him by his fellow officers, staff and the International Union of Police Associations. I personally thank the union board members and Clermont Police Department personnel for holding those accountable when one errs from our core values and the high standard set for this noble profession. I also am thankful for the thorough investigation conducted by our partners at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and for the cooperation from the State Attorney’s Office, Fifth Judicial Circuit. The alleged actions of Jeremy Kevitt were solely his own doing and do not reflect the integrity, commitment and professionalism of the men and women of the Clermont Police Department."

Williams says, "It’s very disheartening, especially someone that was respected as Jeremy Kevitt by his peers. For him to do something like that is very unethical."  

Agents say they’re glad Clermont police reached out to them to investigate. 

Investigators say Kevitt retired from the department once he became aware of the investigation. 

We reached out to his attorney but have not heard back.