Clermont 7-year-old and mother make viral video reciting lines from the 'Black Panther' movie

When 7 year-old Jordan Bascombe Ralph and mom Brittni Bascombe decided to show their love for the Black Panther by taking on an internet challenge, they never expected they’d become the face of that challenge.

After seeing the movie four times and Jordan having memorized many of the lines, the two made a video for the viral “M’Baku Challenge;” a challenge where people give their best shot at recreating some of the key scenes from the movie.

Together, Brittni and Jordan made a video reciting lines from the movie. With homemade costumes and make-up, Jordan delivered the lines spot-on and even with the 'Wakanda' accent heard in the movie. 

The home-video went viral within days of posting.

"After an hour it was 20,000 views,” Brittni told Fox 35 reporter Brian Scott. She went on to say that "Ya know, I feel biased, he's my son, but all the support and love we've gotten is amazing."

As of Monday, it was up over 1.8 million views with some of the stars of the movie including Michael B. Jordan and Winston Duke. They liked the video and even sent messages that Jordan “nailed it.”

Jordan said he plans to see the movie several more times and wants to be a superhero himself one day.