Cleanup underway after storms rip through Central Florida

Cleanup is underway after strong storms ripped through Central Florida on Sunday. Heavy winds and high winds snapped trees all over, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Central Florida residents are trying to get through storm debris after Sunday's strong storms. LIghtning, thunder, and 40 miles per hour wind gusts filled the air as they rolled through the region. 

An apartment complex in Altamonte Springs was hit particularly hard. Strong winds tore branches off of trees, scattering them all over the parking lot. two big trees snapped in half, with one falling on a car and smashing the windshield.



People who live at the apartment complex told Fox 35 that they were not expecting this when they came home yesterday. Kassandra said that "I was pretty shocked. Like, I was surprised becuase it rained by my job but nothing on this magnitude happened over there."

More storms are expected every day this week, including stronger thunderstorms. These will bring ground lightning, strong wind gusts, heavy downpours, and localized flooding.