Classmates of accused mom killer go back to class at University High School

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Students at University High School in Orange City will be back in class after learning over the weekend that their classmate, 15-year-old Gregory Ramos was charged with murdering his mother. 

On Sunday, Ramos and his two friends took their turns before a Volusia County judge. 

Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras allegedly helped Ramos cover up the crime by burying his mother, Gail Cleavenger. 

The two friends are being charged with accessory to the murder after Ramos allegedly strangled his mother to death. 

Investigators said it was on Thursday night when the two friends trashed her house to make it look like a break-in and then helped bury his mother in a fire pit behind a Debary Church. 

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said they brought Ramos out to the scene of the crime in the woods, where he said Ramos was excited to re-enact what happened. 

“You'd have thought he was going on national television,” Chitwood said. “He was so happy with himself. He was out, getting his moment in the sun and wanted to tell everyone how smart he was for what he did to his mom.”

Investigators described the 15-year-old as a sociopath. They said he knew exactly what he was doing. 

Chitwood said Ramos confessed to murdering his mother all over a fight about his bad grades. He said his mother started to question him about a ‘D’ he received in a certain subject. 

Now, students and teachers will be back together following the national story about their fellow classmate making national headlines in connection to the murder of his mother. 

Ramos will stay behind bars at the juvenile detention center. His two friends will be confined to their homes with ankle monitors.