City of Kissimmee begins rental assistance, foreclosure prevention program

The City of Kissimmee has started a program to help low-income residents impacted by the coronavirus pay their rent and avoid foreclosure. 

Starting March 31, residents can apply for the Foreclosure Prevention and Rental Assistance/Evication Prevention Program. 

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:  

  • Must be a City of Kissimmee resident.
  • Household income must be less than 80% of the average median income (please visit the website for the chart).
  • Must have a documented loss of income related to COVID-19 impacts due to health, employment, or school/child care closures.  

Households with a special needs person living there will receive preference. Other exceptions will be made for:

  • Young adult formerly in foster care
  • Survivor of domestic violence
  • Person receiving benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance program or the Supplemental Security Income program, or from veterans' disability benefits

"Households will need to submit documentation to verify eligibility, including identification, income verification, and documentation of the COVID-19 related loss of income," a press release stated.

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Participants will be served on a first-come, first qualified to proceed basis.

To apply, go to or contact Osceola Council on Aging at 407-933-9530