City of Daytona Beach to discuss 'disruptive' truck event not returning next year

The Mayor of Daytona Beach expressed on Sunday that he would not like the Daytona Truck Meet to return next year. 

Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry called on the Daytona Truck Meet to end, stating that the event is too disruptive.

The City will speak about the future of this event in a commission meeting this week.


The Mayor said he was inundated with calls this weekend from residents upset with the loud noises, traffic, and aggressive driving. 

"It seemed like the visitors had a raving good time and the people who live here are enraged," Henry said. "And most annoying are the horns and the music that keep our beachside residents awake." 

The Daytona Truck Meet took place this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway, but residents said after the event, people would ride in their trucks all night long. 

"I would just rather them not come, there’s plenty of other events, plenty of other money to come into this town," said resident Josh Williams. "We don’t need that." 

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Williams said that his son was nearly hit while riding his skateboard by a truck that ran a stop sign. 

"The loudness doesn’t bother me. I have a motorcycle right there that’s extremely loud. It’s the unruliness," Williams added.

Daytona Beach police officers said that they were dealing with "parking lot parties" where people would hang out in parking lots and often consume alcohol. 

However, for some, the event does not bother them. 

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For example, Tom Gary has lived in Daytona Beach for ten years and said it comes with the area, telling FOX 35, "I don’t get a lot of sleep some nights, but I can deal with it because it doesn’t last forever."

Several residents FOX 35 spoke with agree. 

"The bottom line is they come for the weekend, they spend money, they have a good time and they go home," said resident Marcia Tuggle. 

Yet, the Daytona Beach Mayor would disagree. 

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"Our other events are used to Daytona Beach and they've learned how to be good guests," Mayor Henry said. "This is a new event and they have not fit in well with what we expect." 

The City has spoken with event organizers and officials with the Daytona International Speedway about the concerns. 

They will discuss the future of the event at a city commission meeting on Wednesday.

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