Christmas fire comes dangerously close to homes

People on James Creek Rd. in Christmas are getting very nervous, as the so-called Water Plant Fire spreads closer and closer to their homes.

People there say the fire started late Thursday. Fire officials say lightning first started the blaze. They say at first it was contained at around 400 acres, but over the last couple of days it's ballooned. They say it's now more than 1200 acres and only twenty percent contained.

The fire service says they have more than 40 men fighting this fire. They have three helicopters dumping water on the blaze. Fourteen bulldozers are plowing lines around the fire to keep it from spreading. Neighbors say they're split on what they'll do if deputies ask them to leave.

“Some of us is going to say, and some of us has got to be ready, we got some elderly that's out here, too and they can't take the smoke and everything, it would be bad for their health,” said Diane Hessenauer, who lives near fire.

Forestry officials say the order to clear out hasn't come yet. But they've warned residents to pack their bags and say sheriff's deputies may be out here to talk about evacuating soon.