Children taken away from Titusville mother who reported child missing

A Titusville mother who reported her four-year-old son missing earlier this week, when police say she and two daycare workers failed to notice him asleep in the back of a daycare van, has been removed from the care of her five children.

The removal follows a previous investigation by Department of Children and Families into Tiffani Hernandez, 26, according to Titusville police, for inadequate supervision and substance abuse. The case was eventually closed, and DCF assistance given.

Police say a motel employee also claims the children often play unsupervised in the parking lot, which is bordered by busy U.S. Hwy 1.  A driver allegedly complained two weeks ago he nearly hit one of the children out in the road.

The removal of Hernandez' children from her care, and recent history of neglect follows a massive two hour search for her four year old son Deshawn Harris on Wednesday night.  Nearly 100 people, including law enforcement and civilians, searched for two hours, but the entire time the child was sleeping in a daycare van.

According to police, surveillance video showed the van pulling into the Budget Hotel parking lot in Titusville, where four children are allegedly seen getting out. But police say the two childcare workers and the mother should have made sure that all five got out.

"He was left there unattended in the van", said Titusville Police spokeswoman Amy Mathews. "He was asleep and no one knew."

The next day the mother and two daycare workers landed in jail. Wanda Curry, 50, and 24 Ashley Anderson... are facing facing felony child neglect charges, along with the mother.

The daycare, Shining Star Learning Center, declined to comment.