Police: Car hits student, 17, near Kissimmee Middle School

The Kissimmee Police Department says a car hit a 17-year-old student near Kissimmee Middle School on Thursday morning. 

"Just an accident," said Samantha Scarp, Kissimmee Police spokeswoman, "crossing the street to catch the school bus."

The Osceola County School District says he was on his way to class at Osceola High School. "He was hit by a car," said Scarp, "transported to the hospital in critical condition."

Neither police nor the district would release the student's name. Police say no one else was hurt. They say the driver stayed on-scene, but police wouldn't say if they will face any charges. Scarp said this wasn’t an area known for bad accidents.

"Not recently that I can think of. Not an incident like this."

People in the high school pick-up line say it's frightening. 

"That's crazy, the whole situation," said Mario Flores, who was picking up his younger brother. "I don't know. That's hard man, that's tough."

"I know there's a lot of accidents and people are not watching these kids, so it scares me yes," said Jeanette Mayorga, who was picking up her son. "That's why I'm always right here on time."

The district says the school was able to handle student and staff support for today. They say they will make the determination for Friday whether to send out the district's crisis team.

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