Central Florida to get its first AGRIhood

It’s being called an AGRIhood, a first of its kind development in Central Florida. 

Developer Project Finance and Development has purchased the land and is ready to begin construction. 

The 1,200-acre property, officially called "The Grow," is located about 15 miles east of Downtown Orlando, off State Road 50.

It will consist of about 2,000 various style homes - from townhomes to estates - a working farm and co-op community garden. 

At the center of the community, there will be a main street with shops, a farm-to-table restaurant, event space and a permanent farmers market. 

Visitors to the AGRIhood will also be able to enjoy a bike-share program and an edible trail, with fresh fruit and vegetables to snack on.

“I had this dream about a community that was focused on and centered around food and agriculture and farming, as opposed to let’s say the traditional golf course community,” said Dwight Satthoff, “The Grow,” developer.

The developer behind the project hopes to enhance people’s lives with fresh food and a slower pace of life.

“Life will be slower here, it will be simpler and all of that would lead to better wellness of the people who live here,” Saathoff said.

People we spoke to are interested in the rural life.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” said William Quincy Purdue Jr., an Orlando resident.

“I would love that,” said Caludia Gonzales, an Orlando resident, “We would like something more calm, rather than the crazy lifestyle.”

William Purdue may be a future resident of the community, sharing his farming skills.

“My father taught me about agriculture and I admire him for that, and so I can pass that independence on,” he said.

The developer plans to break ground in about a year. 

The first phase should take eight months to build. 

The price of homes will range from $250,000 to well over $1,000,000.