Central Florida tech company driving major change in way self-driving cars 'see'

Self-driving cars have to 'see' everything around them, to safely navigate our streets. Autonomous vehicles are given this "sight" using Light Detection and Ranging devices also known as 'L.I.D.A.R.'

It works like RADAR, but rather than sending out radio waves, LIDAR uses laser light. The systems sent out laser beams and measure how long it takes them to bounce back.

A company called LUMINAR says it's LIDAR system is "years ahead" of its closest competition and the systems in autonomous cars right now. The company started in California's Silicon Valley. But thanks to a strong connection between one of its co-founders and the University of Central Florida, the bulk of LUMINAR's operations are now in Central Florida Research Park.

The News Station's Tom Johnson shows you why some say LUMINAR's technology could revolutionize the way self-driving cars 'see.'