Central Florida program helps you pay off your car by volunteering

A new Central Florida program allows you to pay off part of your car by volunteering.

Transportation is the number one obstacle to overcoming poverty, but it is not easy to get a vehicle without money. However, the Community Overdrive Voucher Program works to make this struggle easier. 

With the program, a person can earn credit towards their car for helping the community. They can clean, fix, and cook for charity for $50 off of their car, repair bill, or tires bill. 

Charles Scott, a volunteer for Community Overdrive, says that he was earned over $5,000 in vouchers and a car that helps him get around without having to ride the city bus. 

Jason Bowman, the Community Overdrive Founder, says that his volunteers also learn a lot. "It's all about giving, giving moves people," he says. "It makes a huge impact on both the person that's earning the vouchers and the local community."